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| HISTORY of the B R A N D |  

Based out of Denver, Elizabeth Kay owns/designs The Seventh Guilt and Elizabeth Kay Apparel. The knitwear designer first created The Seventh Guilt with partner Alan Rodzen in early 2013. The brand represents rebellion, strength, and luxury. Capturing the young and reckless attitude of Generation Y. The brand is driven to sustain individuality and innovation through these pieces. Her vision is to create a collective story around the garments, and inspire anyone and everyone to wear them.

“This is the foundation of who we are. We want to embrace change and independence through our clothing,” Elizabeth commented on her brand’s mission and inspiration behind her line.

Kay’s brand rebels against manufacturing extremes, and is driven to establish a revolution; committed to craftsmanship, care and originality. She wanted to create a brand of clothing that is special and different from any of the usual brands seen for her customers. No more cheap production or repetitive designs. These designs are not “fast fashion”, but rather a meeting between contemporary and grunge styles that are created with a strong intention for quality. You don’t have to feel guilty buying these clothes, it’s authentic and original. American made and exclusive, each piece is produced in smaller quantities so you will be sure to find something that you can truly call your own.


Our name represents clothing that is refined and not mass produced. We rebel against manufacturing extremes. Our direction is to establish a revolution in apparel by returning to our roots of craftsmanship, care and originality. We want to build a place wear you can shop for uncommon clothing that defines rare. No more cheap clothing or repetitive designs. We are not fast fashion we are contemporary grunge with high standards in quality. You don’t have to feel GUILTY buying our clothes it’s authentic, American made and exclusive because piece is produced in small quantities so you will be sure to find something that no one else will have.

| The  M I S S I O N |
To form a desire for individuality and innovation conveyed through clothing.
“The origin of GUILT is truth.”
| The  V I S I O N  |

To introduce people to the ideals of human beauty and mix it with cutting edge fashion. A formula that strives to create a story around it’s garments and inspire all that wear them.

| The  C L O T H I N G |

The t-shirt is our favorite piece in our wardrobe because it is so versatile and comfortable. We believe that we can take this classic and transform it into a luxury item that can be dressed up or down. We want to make the T-SHIRT cool again by taking it to the next level, with higher quality of craftsmanship and art.

Our luxury t-shirts are created with care and quality. 90% of all our manufacturing is done in the U.S.A. including our labels and hang tags. We love to use the highest quality of cottons and cotton blends. We take pride in our t-shirts because we know they are incredibly soft and easy to wash!

Elizabeth and Alan design all the graphics and art on each garment. Their vision is personal, wanting to keep the “small feel” of company as it grows. The goal is to make the customer’s experience special when purchasing a unique piece of clothing from us. “They are buying a t-shirt that they know many people will not have since each design is printed in small quantities.” – Alan.  We make limited quantities of all our designs because we love the exclusivity factor. We want to stay current, fresh and collectable. We are not going to be another t-shirt brand that made thousand of the SAME design in China. We want to be different and we want our customer’s to know they can always find something exclusive and original in our store.

| Our  C O L L E C T I O N  |
For each male + female collection we produce we want to portray an emotional meaning that conveys individuality and attitude. If you like to stand out and look for something no one else will have this is the brand for you. Our ideology is to implement unique craftsmanship and a fresh approach to a classic.
| The T E A M |
Owner / Designer - Elizabeth Kay

Owner / Designer Elizabeth Kay

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